Implementing Technology to Enhance Literacy in Elementary Schools

EDRE 4450.003 Reading and Writing Birth-Grade 6

About the Website

This website is a perfect way to introduce the benefits of using and implementing technology in elementary classrooms on a daily basis. The purpose of this website is to show teachers how easy it can be to incorporate new and improved ways of teaching literacy skills with technology such as iPads, Computers, Tablets and even smart phones! Upon reading the articles provided on this website, using technology can improve literacy skills with engaging activities, hands on activities while peaking the interest of the students.

Why learn how to implement technology in elementary literature?

I chose this topic to enhance my own knowledge in implementing technology in the classroom on a daily basis to help enhance literacy skills in elementary schools. I feel that most teachers do not typically use technology considering they feel as if reading from a physical book and completing a worksheet has been done for so many years and it seems to work. With this topic, I am showing how implementing technology to create new and exciting ways to teach literacy skills can enhance learning in the classroom while keeping the students engaged and interested. Not all children learn the same way, and with technology there is a chance for differentiated instruction in the classroom to help with finding the best way for students to learn.